Justice for children: 411 birth certificates handed over to children in the Kalehe region

In October 2023, the Panzi Foundation delivered 411 birth certificates to children benefiting from its programs in the Kalehe region of northern South Kivu. Most of these children were born as a result of rape, and some have been abandoned.

Although the right to a nationality is recognized by article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the precarious conditions in which some children are born prevent them from benefiting from civil registration within the timeframe covered by the free birth certificates.

To rectify this injustice, the Panzi Foundation is submitting requests for suppletive judgments to the designated courts, enabling birth certificates to be granted to children on an exceptional basis.

This is the first step towards enabling these children to enjoy the rights to which they are entitled as Congolese citizens.  In particular, they will be able to claim their right to schooling, even if access to schooling remains an issue in its own right.

The Panzi Foundation is committed to working with vulnerable communities, in particular to promote access to rights and education for children.

You can support our action: https://panzifoundation.org/donation-page/


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