Support for survivors of sexual violence in the Kalehe Highlands

Panzi Foundation granted cash to 75 survivors of sexual violence from the cities of Numbi, Shanje and Lumbishi in the Kalehe highlands, South Kivu province, during the 1st quarter of 2024.

These beneficiaries each received a sum equivalent to $100 USD, to enable them to initiate income-generating activities for their socio-economic reintegration.

After being sexually assaulted, these women received medical and psychosocial care through a Panzi program implemented in the area. Once they had recovered, they decided to support each other and look to the future in solidarity.

They make regular contributions and loans to each other to undertake income-generating activities. Cash support will enable these women to finance their business plans, with a goal of achieving financial independence.

The Kalehe highlands have been a high-risk area for human rights violations since the outbreak of armed conflict in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Endowed with inestimable mining potential, this area is home to various armed groups responsible for numerous crimes, including cases of rape and sexual violence.

Panzi spares no effort to ensure community reintegration for women who have been victims of various forms of sexual abuse. 

With the support of Norwegian Church Aid