16 Days of Activism at Panzi Foundation

The annual international 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence campaign takes place November 25 to December 10. This year, Panzi will carry out a series of activities around the theme Unite Together: Investing to prevent violence against women and girls. Below you will find ways in which we will participate in this year’s campaign. 

We are committed year-round to the fight against sexual and gender-based violence, and invite you to support our work.

Badilika in schools

Panzi Foundation’s Badilika program tackles the root causes of gender-based violence by driving systemic behavior change through the promotion of gender equality and women’s rights. 

During the campaign, the Badilika program team will visit 5 high schools in the city of Bukavu, where they will hold discussions with senior high school students on the campaign’s annual theme.  

Badilika also plans to bring together 1,000 community and opinion leaders from various neighborhoods in Bukavu for awareness-raising workshops. 

Open-house activities at Maison Dorcas

Maison Dorcas is Panzi’s after-care, transit, and community center, where many survivors stay after leaving hospital. At Maison Dorcas, beneficiaries will participate in various open activities during the 16 Days of Activism. 

As a prelude to the campaign, on November 19 a workshop brought together beneficiaries who practice therapeutic karate and their family members. Former and current beneficiaries were asked to assess the impact of sporting activities on their physical, social, and psychological health. Their feedback demonstrated how sports and martial arts can make a significant contribution to rebuilding self-confidence and preventing the risk of gender-based violence.  

During the campaign, Maison Dorcas will also be organizing awareness-raising sessions on the law and sexual and reproductive health for beneficiaries, with the support of a lawyer from Panzi’s legal clinic and a doctor from Panzi Hospital. In addition, an open circle with beneficiaries and select local and community leaders will be held to raise awareness and encourage the community to draw a red line against gender-based violence.  

Sustained community awareness-raising at Tumaini project sites

A series of awareness-raising activities will be carried out across the Nundu, Kaziba and Mwenga sites covered by the Tumaini project, to reinforce community knowledge of gender and gender-based violence, as well as the services offered by Panzi to survivors of sexual and gender-based violence. 

During this period, a media campaign will take place, through educational radio broadcasts, to support communities and society in the elimination of practices that encourage violence against women. 

In addition, in the city of Bukavu, an open day on the new Congolese law on gender-based violence will be organized with members of the judiciary (lawyers and magistrates) and civil society. 

Mass activity in Kavumu and Bunyakiri

In Bunyakiri and Kavumu, Panzi cares for dozens of children, many of whom have suffered atrocities of various kinds. They attend school and are monitored by psychologists and psychosocial assistants. The campaign at these two sites will be marked by mass awareness-raising activities for the parents of the children in care, their teachers, school managers, and community leaders. 

Psychotherapeutic support in the SVS department

The psychosocial teams will carry out follow-up missions in the homes of former beneficiaries who, as soon as they have recovered, are reintegrated into their communities. Follow-up at home enables therapists to assess the former patients’ level of resilience, evaluate their reintegration and consider new therapeutic tricks for possible relapses. 

These activities are carried out with the financial support of PMU Interlife, Norwegian Church Aid, Les Enfants de Panzi et d’ailleurs, Global Affairs Canafa, Fight for dignity and L’Oréal.

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