Meet our dedicated team working to end rape in war

The Panzi team is made up of 750+ Congolese doctors, nurses, psychologists, lawyers, and management professionals who are dedicated to the holistic care of survivors of sexual violence in DRC and around the world.


Dr. Denis Mukwege

Dr. Denis Mukwege is the Founder of Panzi Hospital and Foundation. For over 20 years, he has been an outspoken advocate for women’s rights and against sexual and gender-based violence. He has spoken in front of the United Nations, the European Parliament, the G7 Gender Equality Council, and around the world. In 2018, he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to end rape as a weapon of war.

Christine Schuler DESCHRYVER

Christine Schuler Deschryver is the Vice President of Panzi Foundation, and one of the organization’s most influential and inspiring leaders. In addition to her management responsibilities at Panzi, she is also the Co-Founder and Director of City of Joy, a transformational leadership community for women survivors of violence in Bukavu. You can learn more about “Mama Christine” and her inspiring work in the Netflix documentary City of Joy.


Debby joined Panzi Foundation as the Executive Secretary in 2022. At Panzi, Debby is responsible for the implementation of our holistic healing model both in the DRC and abroad and manages a team of over 300 professionals. She has more than twenty years of experience in project management, international tender procedures, sustainable organizational development. Before coming to Panzi, Debby worked closely with Dr. Mukwege as the Head of Operations at the Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation.

Dr. Becas Nfundiko

Dr. Becas Nfundiko is the Medical Director of Panzi Hospital, and has been with the organization since its inception. “I am always motivated to work hard to see the hospital continue to expand and improve,” he says. “When the hospital was first established it was very basic and we had limited services. To see it grow over the years has been a big motivation for the work I do and we will continue to work hard to ensure Panzi Hospital is a center of excellence.”

Dr. Neema Rukunghu, Medical Doctor & Holistic Care Expert, SVS Unit

Crispin Kashale, DRC Communications

Maud-Salomé Ekila, Communications Officer, Cabinet

Bertin Rutega,
Director of Programs

Nicole Bautumike, Project Manager, Jewelry Project

Ghislain Barholere, Assistant, Cabinet

Yves Shangalume, Director of Finance and Administration

Emily Warne, Executive Director, US Office

Hilaire Mirango, Coordinator, Maison Dorcas

Lubula Igomokelo, Assistant,

Etienne Chikuru, Deputy Director of Programs

Marissa Pledger,
Deputy Director, US Office

Vital Barholere, Chief of Staff,

Robert Nyangala, Assistant,

Our Board

Dr. Denis Mukwege
President & Founder

Christine Schuler Deschryver
Vice President

Dr. Christine Amisi
DRC Board Member

Maître Thérèse Kulungu
DRC Board Member

Fred Kramer
US Board Treasurer

Stephanie March
US Board Director

Herman Mukwege
DRC Board Member

Dr. Reine Muluzinyere
DRC Board Member

Dr. Neema Rukunghu
Vice President

Alyssa Newman (US Board)
US Board Secretary

Ed Sullivan
US Board Chair

Nita Evele Fund

Nita Evele was a cherished member of the Panzi family, who served as member of the Board of Directors for the US office, and was Chair of the Board when she passed away unexpectedly in September 2021. Nita was a passionate and dedicated human rights defender and activist who cared deeply about the future of her home country, the Democratic Republic of Congo. All those who knew her remember her commitment and integrity, and in her memory, Panzi Foundation has begun the “Nita Evele Fund.” This fund will support those projects that were most dear to Nita throughout her work with Panzi: advancing the efforts of civil society, protecting democracy and transparency, and working toward lasting peace and justice in DRC.

Donate to the Nita Evele Fund in Her Honor