supporting survivors wherever they need us:

in last-mile communities or in the classroom

Panzi does whatever it takes to help survivors thrive, whether that is trekking for miles into remote village decimated by sexual violence, or helping them become entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

Our Initiatives


We’re constantly innovating and broadening the job-skills training for our survivors to thrive in 21st Century emerging markets—from solar power-related jobs to adding sustainable and humane value to the minerals supply chain.

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Mobile Clinics and Rapid
Response Missions

Many rapes are committed in hard-to-reach communities, in active war zones, with little access to health care centers. That’s why we deploy mobile clinics, rapid response missions, and partner with local health zones to expand access to post-rape care.


Responsible, conflict-free

Because of the intersection of illegal mineral mining and the ongoing conflicts in the DRC, mines are a hotbed of sexual violence. In addition to providing women and children in mining communities with socio-economic alternatives, we’re also advocating, at the highest levels, for responsible policies.

Learn more about our responsible jewelry project here.

Education for our youngest survivors and children of survivors

More than 30% of our survivors are below the age of 18. The youngest was only 6 months old. Beyond helping them heal physically and mentally, we set their young lives up for success with a comprehensive education at the Dr. Mukwege School. We also provide free child care services for non-school age children.

“I will never forget meeting Dr. Mukwege. He and his staff have helped over 50,000 survivors of sexual violence rebuild their lives.” -Bill Gates