Wounds healed.
Spirits revived.
Futures rebuilt.
Justice served.

Every day, between 5 and 7 new survivors walk through our doors. For 20 years, we’ve not only mended each woman’s injuries, we’ve walked with them to healing—every step of the way.

Survivors never quit. And neither do we.


survivors treated at Panzi since 1999


babies delivered across our 3 facilities with a 99.1% live birth rate


new psychosocial cases were managed this year, by Panzi and our One Stop Centers.


women received job-skills or literacy training in 2020.

0.19 %

maternal mortality rate at Panzi medical centers—a staggering accomplishment in a country with one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world.


reduction in time spent processing certain sexual violence cases—from 6 months down to 3—because of our partnership with Congolese lawyers.

“the women of Panzi Hospital created a family, and in that family, they found healing and sanctuary. ”
—Dr. Jill Biden,
First Lady of the United States of America

Survivor stories:
This is just the beginning.

  • Sexual violence ripped her family apart. But she’s created a community of female artisans.

  • Her injuries left her unable to walk, or even stand. But now she runs her small business.

  • From kidnapped child to courageous nurse, she brings others with her on the path to healing.