Nita Evele – Board Chair

Nita Evele is the President and Co-Founder of the Coalition of Pluralists and Patriots of Congo (COPPAC), an advocacy group that brings together Congolese from different backgrounds whose members are dedicated to a free and equal opportunity for all Congolese as well as the advancement of DRC sovereignty. Mrs. Evele currently serves as the Director of Congo Global Action, a global alliance of humanitarian, human rights, environment, faith based organizations, students, Congolese Diaspora and grassroots movement to advocate with one voice on behalf of the Congolese people around the world. Her focus is on issues pertaining specifically to the DRC, particularly struggles as a result of war, as well as social issues that affect the entire African continent and African diaspora.

MS. Evele recently appeared at the “Combating Violent Kleptocracy in the Democratic Republic of Congo” event held by our friends at the Enough Project