Alyssa Newman

Board Member, US Office

Alyssa leads responsible materials and inclusion across Google’s supplier responsibility team. With over 20 years of experience in the energy, environment, and sustainability sector, Alyssa has worked in a broad range of Corporate Social Responsibility functions (private sector, government, and global nonprofits). She supports long term strategic program development and use of innovative tech to drive action, most recently the award winning VR film and campaign Journey of Gold, and the short doc Ukweli. She co-founded Congo Power to address equity issues in mineral supply chains, and bring the benefits of the clean energy revolution to emerging and conflict economies.

Alyssa is an advisor and board member to several nonprofits (Native Renewables, Action Kivu, Human Needs Project) working at the intersection of conflict-human rights-climate change-conservation-technology-poverty alleviation. When she’s not working on humanitarian causes, she’s running-biking-swimming-adventuring, producing stories, or working in her garden.