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(FR): Le prix Nobel, les violences sexuelles et les métaux rares11/19/21
Oprah’s Super Soul Podcast – Dr. Mukwege: The Power of Women (Link for Spotify; Link for Apple Podcasts)11/17/21
‘I can’t explain how I am still alive’: Dr Denis Mukwege on risking his life to save African women11/06/21
Oprah Talks With Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Denis Mukwege About Where He Finds His Strength10/21/21
Oprah Daily, in conversation with Dr. Denis Mukwege: This Week, Grow Your Courage to Stand Up For Others10/31/21
(FR): Denis MUKWEGE : “La force des femmes” (Vidéo)10/15/21
(FR): Denis Mukwege : soigner les femmes pour réparer le monde10/14/21
(FR) RDC: le Dr Mukwege plaide pour une stratégie nationale holistique de justice transitionnelle10/06/21
Congolese surgeon Mukwege seeks international criminal court to tackle impunity9/10/21
(FR) « Même quand les conflits cessent, le viol se perpétue » : en RDC, le fléau des violences sexuelles8/16/21
Nobel winner Mukwege attacks DR Congo’s promotion of ex-rebel chief8/11/21
(FR) Lettre ouverte d’un Prix Nobel congolais au procureur de la CPI7/16/21
(FR) Plaidoyer pour l’adoption d’une stratégie nationale holistique de justice transitionnelle en RDC (par Denis Mukwege)7/02/21
(FR) Soutenir et réparer les femmes victimes de viols: le modèle Mukwege dupliqué en Centrafrique7/01/21
(FR) Denis Mukwege, prix Nobel de la paix, au “Monde”: “Il faut une convention internationale pour éliminer l’usage du viol comme arme de guerre”6/30/21
Dance helps Congo’s rape survivors cope with trauma6/14/21
Q&A: Nobel Laureate Dr. Denis Mukwege on Justice for Survivors of Sexual Violence6/05/21
Nobel winner Mukwege urges DR Congo leaders to tackle sexual violence06/02/21
(FR) RDC: denis mukwege demande l’aide de la France pour que les crimes du rapport mapping soient juGés05/06/21
dr congo: prioritize justice for serious crimes04/29/21
DR Congo’s Nobel laureate Mukwege hails militia chief’s arrest01/06/21
The Congo Coffee Project – in partnership with Equal Exchange11/13/20
Women’s Leadership in Transitional Justice10/30/20
Two Years Ago He Won the Nobel Peace Prize. Now, He’s Under Threat for Standing Up for Victims of Sexual Violence10/07/20
DRC protesters demand justice over unprosecuted rapes and murders10/02/20
Nobel peace laureate calls for urgent justice in Congo10/01/20
Denis Mukwege: UN guards DR Congo Nobel laureate after death threats9/10/20
Nobel Peace Prize winner Denis Mukwege under UN guard after receiving death threats9/10/20
U.N. peacekeepers resume protection of Congo’s Nobel Laureate09/09/20
After Resisting, the UN Redeploys Peacekeepers to Protect Dr. Mukwege, Amid Death Threats09/09/20
Fears for Congolese Nobel laureate after UN protection ‘withdrawn’09/07/20
In Bukavu, Thousands of Demonstrators are Denouncing the Threat Against Dr. Mukwege09/07/20
DRC rallies in support of threatened Nobel laureate Denis Mukwege09/04/20
Democratic Republic of Congo: Concrete actions must be taken to protect Denis Mukwege after death threats09/04/20
Doctor who won Nobel for helping Congo’s war rape victims in danger, U.N. warns08/28/20
UN rights chief urges DR Congo to protect Nobel laureate Mukwege amid death threats08/28/20
Jewish World Watch demands the immediate protection of Dr. Denis Mukwege08/20/20
PHR Statement on Intimidation and Threats against Dr. Denis Mukwege, Human Rights Defender and Nobel Peace Prize Co-Laureate08/17/20
For a future without violence: Giving voices and care to women survivors06/18/20
ADF militia kills dozens in eastern DR Congo05/27/20
Conflicts displace more than 660,000 people in less than two months05/22/20
Covid-19 ‘must not distract’ from DR Congo atrocities, says Nobel laureate05/19/20
Denis Mukwege: Africa’s COVID-19 figures low but vigilance needed05/18/20
DRC’s male and female rape survivors share their stories4/14/20
DRC’s male and female rape survivors share their stories4/14/20
Congolese rally in support of Nobel laureate Mukwege after death threats03/09/20
Our Bodies, Their Battlefield by Christina Lamb review – groundbreaking on women and war2/26/20
What high school students learned from a Nobel Laureate who’s treated more than 40,000 sexual assault victims02/25/20
(DE) Wie Männer im Krieg Vergewaltigung als Waffe einsetzen02/12/20
(FR) RDC: le chef de guerre Koko-di-Koko condamné à perpétuité pour crimes contre l’humanité11/20/19
A special Shabbat dinner with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr. Denis Mukwege10/07/19
Nobel laureate seeks backing for new fund to aid women raped in war09/23/19
Forgotten Women: What does the future hold for the country that ‘never turned the page of conflict’?06/12/19
Nobel winner Mukwege says rape during war ‘weapon of mass destruction’06/07/19
Women, Peace and Security: Let’s Turn Words into Action05/03/19
(Video) Dr. Denis Mukwege | UN News04/29/19
My Country is Sliding Towards Chaos12/21/18
The 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Raises Awareness of The Use of Sexual Violence In War12/01/18
When 60 Minutes met Nobel winner Denis Mukwege10/14/18
Nobel Peace Prize winner Denis Mukwege: Conflict to blame for rape increase10/08/18
(Video) Sexual Violence as a weapon of war | Inside Story10/06/18
(Video) Heroes in the Field – Gatesnotes05/30/18
Sexual Violence Against Women Should Not Be Used as a Weapon of War01/26/18
Thousands of African Women Face Sexual Violence. Meet the Surgeon Who is Helping Them Rebuild Their Lives01/04/18
Kavumu: Statement from Dr. Denis Mukwege12/14/17
Justice for Kavumu’s Children12/13/17
The Promise of Justice for Kavumu’s Child Rape Survivors11/20/17
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