Support for refugee children in North Kivu and the Uvira region

In October 2023, Panzi Foundation distributed school supplies to help refugee children gain access to education. This operation is a continuation of the assistance provided in recent months to displaced families in the North Kivu and the Uvira regions.

A total of 1,333 children received kits, which included a schoolbag, a school uniform, a pair of shoes, notebooks, pens, pencils, and mathematical instruments.

These children attend schools close to their camps, but most do not have the means to buy the materials they need for their studies. The kits provided by Panzi Foundation meet this need at the start of the school year to improve their study conditions.

The armed conflicts raging in several regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo are causing massive population displacements. Families leave their villages to take refuge on the outskirts of towns, where they remain in a very precarious situation, with no possibility of cultivating the land and no source of income. Panzi Foundation is committed to helping refugee communities, but the available aid is insufficient, and the needs are immense.

You can help by supporting Panzi Foundation.

This support for refugee children has received financial backing from Caritas Italy.

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