Panzi seeks to reverse decades of exploitation of human rights in the conflict for control of resources and enable women’s equal economic participation as licensed traders of gold and colored gemstones, and as skilled artisans creating and selling jewelry made from DRC mineral resources.

Sexual violence is strongly linked to the battle for control of mineral wealth in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Rape, assault, and other forms of sexual and gender- based violence (SGBV) are used as war tactics to control mines and smuggling routes. Women working in mines are brutally exploited and frequently experience beatings, rape, disease, and trauma.

Together, we can create alternative value chains for gold and colored gemstones from mines-to-market.

Panzi works with sex workers, survivors, and vulnerable women in artisanal mining communities to attempt to break the cycle of sexual and gender-based violence they face. We do this by encouraging women’s entrepreneurship, facilitating their socio-economic reintegration, and providing them with the ability to heal psychologically from the trauma they’ve experienced in the past. In doing so, we also encourage a more gender-equal control of Congolese resources and provide an ethical intervention in supply chains for gold mines and colored gemstones. 

We also establish training workshops for the procurement of minerals, as well as the designing, crafting, and commercialization of jewelry.


We take pride in our unique pieces showcasing our various skills. Our workshop gathers gem-cutters and jewelers who can transform precious metals, as well as polish and facet stones. In addition, we showcase our craftsmanship by creating wood jewelry and offer a wide variety of bracelets, waste beads, earrings, and more featuring synthetic pearls.

As we are actively seeking additional funding to improve our model and become a self-sustainable program, we are unable to process individual requests at this time. We appreciate your understanding and support as we work towards securing the necessary resources to bring this project to its full potential.

Our due diligence

Panzi has developed a rigorous procurement strategy and collaborates closely with mining communities, traders, local authorities, and other stakeholders in the upstream value chain. Our strategy adheres to Congolese legal frameworks, OECD standards, and ICGLR principles of due diligence.

We conduct due diligence in partnership with local and international organizations specializing in the field. Together, we work closely with mining communities to ensure respect for human rights and continuously improve risk management strategies.

For Panzi, human rights encompass more than physical integrity. We recognize economic equality as a fundamental human right. We believe that a responsible sourcing strategy is not based solely on legal frameworks or international standards and strive to create ethical and inclusive value chains models. We work and advocate for a fair redistribution of profits. Through fair economic redistribution, responsible value chains can rebalance inequality between gender, communities and nations.

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