promote panzi, peace, and justice in your classroom or community

Enable your students to better understand the ongoing crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo through our co-developed curriculum.

In 2019, the Echo Foundation developed a year-long curriculum for high school students focused on Dr. Mukwege’s life and career as an advocate for survivors of sexual violence.

“Justice is Not Negotiable” discusses Democratic Republic of Congo’s recent history, the use of rape as a weapon of war, Panzi’s holistic healing approach, and the role that conflict minerals plays in perpetuating violence.

Students also explore DRC’s relationship with the international community, global responses to the sexual violence epidemic in the country, toxic masculinity and rape culture, and more. Classroom activities, recommended videos, and supplemental reading suggestions are also provided.

Educators interested in adapting this free, open-source resource for their own classrooms can download the full curriculum here.

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